Issue #5 is live!

Nonfiction writers give us some strong pieces this time around, and we have a flash fiction piece that, um, pokes the bear, or at least makes the bear uncomfortable. Poetry inundated our submissions manager, as usual, so you get quite a bit of that as well. Read them here!

We can’t wait to see what you’ll send us for Issue #6 (Poking the Bear).

RE: Marrow Award and Compass Point Contests

It pays to advertise, or, it doesn’t pay to not advertise. Either way, lesson learned. We are extending our first contest deadline to 6/15/2015. Contest winners will be published in our July 2015 issue. $200 cash prizes to winners, $50 to runner-ups. We simply haven’t received enough entries (as of yet) to call this a contest. So, please spread the word.

Please read the Contest guidelines here.

Then, submit.

Poking the Bear: call for submissions

Recently, a friend and I were discussing the role of art, written or otherwise brought into being. To us, and to a great many others (I suspect), it is this: to poke the bear. We writers and artists do what we do because we have questions. Creating our art may not bring us the answers, but it can more fully, and in sometimes surprising ways, articulate the questions. “Good” writing/art pushes readers and viewers to find their own questions.

Issue #6, to be published in April, will be dedicated to poking the bear. Whether you question your culture, your government, literary criticism, or why you always make eggs on Sunday morning, question something. Or send us something that makes us question something. And do it in 750 words or less. Surprise us. Stun us. Please.