Contest Update and New Issue

Hello readers and writers! It’s been far too long. We are a bit behind on getting the new issue out–fear not, it will happen soon. Contest winners will be announced before the end of the month. Stay tuned for more updates.

New Meto-news and Online Journal Love


Reblogging Shelly’s post on journals, shorts, and art. As she says, “Flash and Micros are the naked selfies of writing”. We couldn’t agree more.

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theNewerYork pairs gorgeous art with each piece.

theNewerYork pairs gorgeous art with each piece.

Spoke too soon! Another of my stories, “The Hummingbird Murder”, is currently live at theNewerYork. For the longest time I had been hanging around their venue, enjoying their unusual format and the way work is presented there. Only recently did it occur to me I could submit there. Why the lag between admiration and participation? I have no idea.

I love online journals and frequent many. The options available in terms of formatting and presentation, the risks online journals can take to interact with readers, to link visual and written forms of expression, to make connections between artists and audiences are all wish list asterisks best met—best embodied as methodology and substance —by online journals, at least in potential. I edit fiction for a fantastic online journal, rawboned. I know how hard we (Trisha Winn (beloved Boss), Ginna Luck, myself…

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Editors’ Special Poetry Edition is live

As promised, this issue showcases poetry. And, with a nod to all the writing teachers and MFA students out there (hopefully) starting to recover from thesis deadlines and graduation parties, our Editors are sharing some of their own work. See erasures/paintings/found poems by Shelly Weathers and read illuminating lines by bevin, Ginna Luck, poet Alexis Rhone Fancher, and of course new and upcoming authors debuting in this issue of rawboned.