Editors’ Special Poetry Edition is live

As promised, this issue showcases poetry. And, with a nod to all the writing teachers and MFA students out there (hopefully) starting to recover from thesis deadlines and graduation parties, our Editors are sharing some of their own work. See erasures/paintings/found poems by Shelly Weathers and read illuminating lines by bevin, Ginna Luck, poet Alexis Rhone Fancher, and of course new and upcoming authors debuting in this issue of rawboned.

Special Edition goes live Monday

During this high pressure season of thesis and graduation, we are determined to deliver an issue that lives up to our promise of few words, big impact. Take a look at our Editors’ Special Edition and join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of our Editor in Chief, Trisha Winn, and Poetry/Fiction Editor, Ginna Luck! We’re right there with you and to prove it, we’re chipping in with an MFA retrospective.
Note: Regular submissions are still under consideration for issue #4, and prose contests are still open for #5.

Submission and Contest Guidelines updated

Our prose contests are now open (submit here); find official rules here.  General submission guidelines have also been updated.

We are accepting submissions for Issue 4, which will go live July 15. At this time, we are not receiving enough submissions to justify a truly monthly journal, so we are moving to a six-week format until submissions pick up. Issue 4 will focus on poetry, hybrid pieces, and our newest genre, video lit. Regular nonfiction and fiction submissions during this period will be open, but will be held over for Issue 6, due out in October. We hope prose writers will consider entering our summer contests.

Contest submissions will be accepted June 1 until August 15, and winners announced September 1, 2014. Contest winners and finalists will be published in Issue 5 online, and also in our first print edition, due out January 2015.


Issue schedule:

June 1, 2014: Issue 3–live now

July 15, 2014: Issue 4–poetry, hybrid, and video lit

September 1, 2014: Issue 5–prose contest winners and finalists

October 15, 2014: Issue 6–general issue

December 1, 2014: Issue 7–general issue

January 15, 2014: print anthology released